If you've ever worked at a company with multiple office locations you know how hard it can be to keep track of everyone and where they're based.

That's why OneDirectory includes a searchable directory of your company's offices and departments, a feature we call the office directory.

With OneDirectory's office directory you can easily keep track of who works in which office, and you can quickly find office-specific information such as its address and contact number.

Your office directory is built automatically from your Microsoft Office 365 user profiles using the data in everyone's office and department fields. OneDirectory aggregates all the office and department names and creates "pages" for each of them, making it easy for people to see all your offices/departments in one place and find anyone in them quickly.

We then sprinkle on an additional layer of office information that doesn't exist in Office 365; address fields like street, city, region and country, a phone number of your office front-desk, and an image of the office building (or a skyline of the city it's in).

Until now, adding this additional office data to your OneDirectory office pages was something that our onboarding team had to do for you.

But we wanted to give you the ability to edit your office information yourself so you didn't have to rely on our team for these changes.

Now, with our new editing features, you can edit your offices and departments directly in OneDirectory πŸŽ‰

Read on to find out more about these new features.

Editing your offices πŸŒ†

Office edit page

To edit office information in OneDirectory, just switch to edit mode and click the pencil icon next to any office.

There you'll be able to edit:

  • Office image (upload an image, drag & drop, or fetch from URL)
  • Office display name
  • URL of office page in OneDirectory
  • Office address (street, city/town, state/region, zip, country)
  • Office phone number

πŸ“ Note: Changing office information in OneDirectory won't change the office field in your underlying Active Directory user profiles.

✨ https://updates.onedirectory.com/c/47-edit-offices

Autocomplete your office addresses πŸ“

Office editing: autocomplete feature

You can quickly fill in an office address without having to enter the address fields individually.

Just start typing in the street field or the city field on the office edit page to see autocomplete suggestions, powered by Google Maps. Then choose the correct address and all address fields will be filled in for you 😊

πŸ’‘ TIP: If you click an office address displayed anywhere in OneDirectory (e.g. on the office page, or on a person's profile) it will pop up a map view.

Map view in OneDirectory

✨ https://updates.onedirectory.com/c/112-address-autocomplete

Editing your departments πŸ‘©β€βš•οΈπŸ‘·

Department edit page

Department editing works similar to office editing. Switch to edit mode and click the pencil icon next to any department, and there you'll be able to edit:

  • Department "image" (click the Random background button to choose a random color gradient to represent this department)
  • Department display name
  • URL of department page in OneDirectory
  • Department description; if filled in, this is displayed at the top of the department page

πŸ“ Note: Changing department information in OneDirectory won't change the department field in your underlying Active Directory user profiles.

✨ https://updates.onedirectory.com/c/110-edit-departments