Since 2010, OneDirectory has helped over 500 businesses implement employee directory solutions to better connect their people and offices.

Traditionally, OneDirectory has served larger businesses but with recent shifts to remote and hybrid work, even the smallest of businesses are needing a tool to bring their employees together.

"Over the past year we've had an increase in smaller businesses reaching out and trialing our product," says Lawrence Cawood, CEO at OneDirectory. "These are businesses with 100 employees or less that have wanted our product but our pricing plans have remained a roadblock."

To solve this OneDirectory created a new pricing plan to help smaller businesses gain the benefits of a full employee directory solution.

The new starter plan is $59 per month for businesses with maximum 100 employees, which is a saving of 76% on the previous lowest plan. OneDirectory's other pricing plans range from $249 to $999 per month.

OneDirectory's Intelligent People Search

"When tackling the SMB market many software providers reduce features and options for their smaller customers," says Greg Bennett, Head of Marketing at OneDirectory. "So we've decided not to remove any product features from our new plan for small businesses."

When it comes to employee directories many small businesses have the same requirements as larger businesses, so OneDirectory made sure that their small business plan included all the following features: employee profiles, people search, office directory, skills directory, and org chart.

OneDirectory's Modern Employee Profiles

"We're excited to bring our software to smaller businesses and see the impact it will have on employee collaboration and engagement," says Cawood. "Businesses of all sizes are struggling to connect their employees, especially as hybrid and remote work is becoming the norm. At OneDirectory, we remain focused on solving this problem with our modern employee directory platform."

OneDirectory has 3 pricing plans, starter, pro and custom. The new pricing plans can be found here: