Mountain View Hospital Improves Employee Profile Data with OneDirectory

By selecting OneDirectory, Mountain View successfully consolidated employee profile data, reduced errors, and provided an effective and modern directory experience to all its employees.

About Mountain View Hospital

Mountain View Hospital has been a pillar of excellence for the Idaho Falls region since 2002. Their driving mission to improve human health and well-being is achieved through the expertise and compassion of their dedicated staff and physicians. Patients receive exceptional care in a healing environment that blends technology with comfort. Volunteers and employees alike contribute to the supportive atmosphere that exists within the hospital. Their continued commitment to superior healthcare is a testament to their unwavering dedication to the community.

Location: Idaho, US | Industry: Hospitals & Health Care | Employees: 1,001 - 5,000

The Challenge

Mountain View Hospital came to recognize the need for an effective employee directory tool and soon realized that their existing system of utilizing Excel files and SharePoint lists was simply not working.

Not only was it inefficient and disorganized, but finding the right information about employees became increasingly hard. The hospital had difficulty tracking who was responsible for various tasks, locating team members' details, or even understanding the roles of certain personnel due to the scattered data in different systems. With all the fluctuating information, it was becoming a challenge to keep up with all the changes in their employee profiles.

“Sadly we were using Excel files that were spread out across the organization and SharePoint lists that were a terribly formatted display of our Active Directory environment.” - Chris Clinger, IT Enterprise Application Team Manager at Mountain View Hospital.

Critical Needs

  • An employee directory tool that consolidated their employee data from a single source of truth that could be accessible from anywhere
  • A digital employee directory solution that made it easier to find employees' contact details

The Solution

Mountain View Hospital's requirements were straightforward: A reliable employee directory solution that was easy to connect to their Azure AD environment. They also wanted the solution to consolidate their current employee data and display it in a formatted, clean, and attractive manner. The IT department reviewed their options, which ranged from building a custom solution in-house to choosing from many Active Directory employee directory apps available. While they explored all options, they finally found OneDirectory as the best fit for their requirements.

OneDirectory ticked all the boxes for Mountain View Hospital. It was easy to configure and connect seamlessly with their existing Azure AD environment. The team found the solution particularly effective in highlighting incorrect data and allowing edits to be made in their Azure AD, ensuring all the information was correct, accurate, and up-to-date.

The Mountain View team also found OneDirectory's search functionality particularly useful, making it easy for new employees to access contact information and quickly connect with their colleagues with just a few clicks. The user-friendly interface with a simple layout made it possible for everyone to use, regardless of computer literacy or background, and eliminated the need for extensive training or support.

Another feature that convinced Mountain View to choose OneDirectory was the ability to view employees in different groups such as departments or locations. This provided a better user experience and improved the accuracy of the directory. It also allowed team members to get a better understanding of who they are working with and their specific areas of expertise, ultimately improving the overall productivity of the organization.

“It was easy to connect to our Azure AD environment, where our data was already living, and visualize it in a clean, attractive, and reliable way.” - Chris Clinger, IT Enterprise Application Team Manager at Mountain View Hospital.

The Benefits

For over three years now, Mountain View Hospital has been leveraging the power of OneDirectory and reaping the benefits. With this employee directory software, they have seen much less overhead in terms of maintenance, allowing them to dedicate more valuable time to their core IT duties.

Perhaps most importantly, the tool allows our employees company-wide to find and connect with each other effortlessly and quickly no matter where they are located. After a comprehensive search for solutions that would suit our needs best,

Mountain View Hospital found that OneDirectory was unbeatable - not only in terms of functionality but also in its price point when compared to building a custom-made solution in-house or other solutions in the market.

1. Reduced overhead in managing employee profile data
2. Having a single source of truth from their employee data
3. Increased employee collaboration across locations

The Bottomline

Mountain View Hospital’s case highlights the importance of choosing the right employee directory solution. By selecting OneDirectory, Mountain View Hospital has successfully consolidated employee profile data, reduced errors, and provided an effective and modern directory experience to all its employees. OneDirectory exceeded expectations, consistently meeting their requirements, and proved to be the perfect choice for Mountain View Hospital. For companies in any industry, an effective employee directory is essential, and OneDirectory is a solution that can deliver all your directory requirements, no matter your industry or business size.

"I couldn't find anything that beat the price and functionality of OneDirectory. I highly recommend the tool." Chris Clinger, IT Enterprise Application Team Manager at Mountain View Hospital.

Success Highlights

  • Increase in the data quality of their Azure AD environment
  • Increase in the usage of their employee directory company-wide
  • Decrease in overhead having to manually update their Excel spreadsheet employee directory