Run Your OneDirectory Sync Manually

Run Your OneDirectory Sync Manually

Something you've been asking for is the ability to kick off the OneDirectory sync yourself.

Well - now you can! 🙌

As you know, OneDirectory syncs user profiles from Azure Active Directory (via the Microsoft Graph).

It does this automatically, every 12 hours. ⏰

But when doing a clean up of your organization's user profile information you had to wait a while before seeing the changes in your employee directory.

Now, on the Sync screen see the OneDirectory sync status, kick off a sync manually.

OneDirectory Azure AD data sync

Click the Sync Now button to update OneDirectory with the latest user profile information from your Azure AD tenant.

The sync progress will be displayed in real-time, and it typically only takes a minute or two to complete (a few minutes longer if you have thousands of employees).

OneDirectory data sync