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Modern employee profiles for Microsoft 365

Give everyone in your organization a modern, digital employee profile that contains their contact information, location details, skills, reporting structure and more. Built for enterprises running on Microsoft Office 365, OneDirectory profiles brings all your people data into one place and makes it discoverable across your organization.

OneDirectory employee directory profile page
Employee profiles for Microsoft 365

All your people data in one place.

Profile information is everywhere in Microsoft 365.

There's profiles in SharePoint, profiles in Delve, profiles in Teams, contacts in Outlook, and profile cards throughout various apps in Office 365.

Each of these profiles gets their data from Azure Active Directory and the SharePoint Profile system. But they all have different layouts, show different sets of fields, display profile pictures inconsistently, and are slow to load.

What we need is a way to view any team member's profile information on one simple page.

A profile page that showcases who they are and what they're about.

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What's on a OneDirectory profile page?

Employee profile features.

Employee profile phone numbers

One-click calling

Click or tap a colleague's work phone or mobile number to call them instantly with your IP phone.

Employee profile org chart direct reports

Mini org chart

View managers and direct reports directly on the profile, or click through to the full org chart.

Employee profile skills and interests

Skills and interests

Discover your team's skills and interests and find matching people. Learn moreRight arrow

Employee profile pics

Profile pic

OneDirectory profiles showcase the best quality profile images available in Microsoft Office 365.

Employee profile map

Employee location

See employee locations on a map. Scroll, zoom, and flip to satellite or Street View. Learn moreRight arrow

Microsoft Teams logo

Chat in Microsoft Teams

Chat to your colleagues in Microsoft Teams with just a click.

Employee profile birthday and hire date

Birthdays and hire dates

Discover your coworkers' birthdays and work anniversaries.

Employee profile office and department

Office and department

Navigate to team homepages directly from an employee profile. Learn moreRight arrow

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And more...

Bio/about me, address, one-click email, custom fields, and more. See what's newRight arrow

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"A really useful addition to our intranet. We love the user interface!"

Cindy Liu, SharePoint Admin
Samsung Research America

It's the little things.

3 things you'll love about OneDirectory profiles.

Profiles open in an instant.

Employee profiles open instantaneously. That's because OneDirectory pre-loads employee info before you need it, so when you open someone's profile it's already there waiting for you.

Exploring your organization is easy.
And dare we say, fun.

Everything on an employee profile is clickable. So browsing through your employee directory feels natural, like strolling through your office. See something to explore? Just click and you're there.

You'll never lose your place in the search results.

Employee profile pages show directly on top of your current view so you don't lose your place in the search results. Open and close profiles instantly, and flip through them without waiting for pages to load.

Employee profiles loved by many

Don't just take our word for it.

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