OneDirectory for Microsoft 365

Office directory for Microsoft 365

Give your offices and departments a digital identity. OneDirectory automatically creates beautiful homepages for every office and department in your company, using the data in your Microsoft 365 user profiles.

OneDirectory employee directory office page

A visual identity for every team.

Give every office and department a unique visual profile using city skylines, office buildings, or departmental photos.

Office contact info.

Add an address and phone number to your offices so your employees can get directions or quickly call a front desk.

Onboarding assistance.

Our Success team will help you make your office homepages look good.

Office directory

All your locations in one location.

See all your offices on a single page so you can get to them easily without having to build search queries or filters.

OneDirectory employee directory office locations
Department directory

Departmental homepages.

Departments get their own homepages too. OneDirectory creates a unique style for every department, making them easily identifiable throughout your corporate directory.

OneDirectory corporate directory departments

One-click access to every office and department in your organization.

OneDirectory entity search: offices and departments

In the search results.

Find offices and departments with the search box or alphabet bar.

OneDirectory employee profile: office and department

In the profiles.

Every employee profile gives you one-click access to their office or department.

OneDirectory sidebar navigation

In the sidebar.

Instantly visit any department or office homepage from the sidebar navigation.

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"Immediately after deploying OneDirectory we received complimentary feedback from our users about the platform's user friendly design."

Deborah Harris, Sr. Application Specialist
Stiles Corporation

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