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Employee directory for Microsoft 365

Help your employees find and connect with their coworkers with our modern employee directory software that's unlike anything you've used before.

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OneDirectory, the modern employee directory for Microsoft 365

Org chart

Gain insight into your organization's structure. Visualize your company hierarchy and see who reports to whom with the OneDirectory org chart, built automatically from your Azure AD data.

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Employee profiles

Give everyone in your organization a beautiful profile page that brings all their Office 365 profile information into one place.

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OneDirectory employee directory profile page

Intelligent people search

Bring fast, visual people search to your digital workplace. Search thousands of employee profiles in a split second, then explore the results visually.

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OneDirectory employee directory search results

Office directory

Give your offices a digital identity. OneDirectory automatically creates beautiful homepages for every office and department in your company, using the data from your Microsoft 365 profiles.

Office directory
OneDirectory employee directory office locations

Skills directory

Enable your employees to find coworkers with specific skillsets or knowledge. OneDirectory indexes the skills data from your Microsoft 365 user profiles and gives every skill its own homepage.

Skills directory
OneDirectory employee profile skills & interests

Remote collaboration

OneDirectory helps your employees feel connected no matter where they're working from. Help employees connect with remote workers, browse employee addresses, and view office locations on a map.

Remote collaboration features
OneDirectory employee profile map

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